Dieting always kind of sucks.

Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your current physique,
it's hard. Every day you meticulously track your calories, weigh yourself, and workout.
If you're like me, it can be demoralizing to spend a week spinning your gears and
eating the wrong amount of food and not seeing the weight on the scale move.
CalorieGuru fixes that problem entirely.

CalorieGuru uses pure, unadultered math to determine the number of calories you need to meet your goal.

All you have to do is put your data in every day as accurately as you can. You can either put data directly into CalorieGuru, or we can automatically import data from MyFitnessPal. The more data we have, the more accurate our total daily energy expenditure will be for you. The more accurate your TDEE is..well the easier it is for you to make your goal a reality.

Any Timeframe

Looking to cut 10 pounds for a show in two months? Great. Looking to gain 45 pounds this year? Perfect. You simply set your weekly goal and we figure out the rest. CalorieGuru doesn't pretend to know everything about you. We just know how many calories you need to put in your body to hit the goal you tell us.

Any Diet

Keto? IF? IIFYM? Atkins? Juice cleanse? Chicken and rice? Nothing but gummy bears? CalorieGuru doesn't care. The math doesn't change at all. If you eat the number of calories given to you on a weekly basis, you will see the scale move.

In Depth Analytics

Have you ever wondered what sort of effect eating your bodyweight in protein every day actually has? CalorieGuru gives you in depth analytics of your macro composition on a day by day basis so that you're able to understand exactly what your body responds to best. Everyone is different, and now you've got the tools to tailor your diet to you.

Our Software

No Rocket Science

How much most people need to eat doesn't really require a medical degree. So we don't pretend that it does and keep it super simple.

Automatic Import

Logging all of your statistics day in and day out is already pretty tiresome. We don't add to that load. CalorieGuru can save your time by automatically importing and calculating everything for you.

Guaranteed Results

No, not like on TV infomercials. If you're putting your data in correctly, then the first law of thermodynamics means that the scale should be changing whichever way you told us to make it go.

Ready to make your goal reality?

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